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Every Woman Deserves To Live Foxy

Our Spagyric CBD Process come to life 

Using an ancient alchemic technique, The Foxy Flower is one of the only companies that reintroduces the salts and minerals in all of our products, giving you the most complete Full Spectrum CBD profile available on the market.

Where there is a woman there is magic
-Ntozake Shange


10 Compelling Reasons The Foxy Flower Is The Power

“Honoring Womanhood, Every Step of the Way”

The world of oils can be confusing, with many claims and hidden truths. Our commitment is to provide natural, pure, and potent solutions while being completely transparent. We aim to empower women to discover what their bodies truly need, to enjoy new health benefits, and to enhance their intimate experiences. Click below to explore our process in detail.

“All in the Family”

What started as a grassroots project 6 years ago has developed into one of the leading companies in the CBD industry. In an industry flooded with big money and faceless companies, we are proof that quality and reputation matter- not just profits. Sheilah, the owner of The Foxy Flower found women in desperate need of the magic the Foxy products had to offer. After honing in the perfect formula, she knew it only made sense to share it with the world.

“The Colorado Bravado”

Surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains and tucked away in the North Fork Valley is the West Elks, one of two designated AVAs (American Viticultural Area) in Colorado. Its microclimate is ideal for hemp and wine, the perfect terroir.

“Good Soil, Good Oil”

The Colorado Bravado soil is the main reason our hemp thrives the way it does. The vast majority of US hemp is being grown on land that has been using pesticides for many years. With 50-years in counting of pesticide-free soil-we beat the market by a landslide. We know good soil is the first step to The Foxy Flower’s quality product guarantee.

“Experience Matters”

Most CBD companies have been in business for less than a year and have no cannabis experience. Foxy Flower’s product formulation team has 20+ combined years of experience in the cannabis and wellness space, leading the way and setting the bar for the Hemp CBD industry.

“Seed to Sale  Verification”

Our independent 3rd party labs test our seeds, biomass, raw extraction, and every batch for pesticides, heavy metals, genetics, terpenes and cannabinoid potency. We aren’t shy about how awesome we are- every test is published live on our website.

“Transparency and Integrity”

The CBD BOOM is alive and well. Because of this, we have noticed an increasing number of sellers, including Amazon and other CBD carriers, may be inadvertently misleading consumers about the nature of CBD products. Intentional or not, a lot of research, expertise, and formulation must be done to ensure the quality of their claims. For example, there are instances where CBD companies state their products are full spectrum, but in reality, they may contain a mix of isolates. At Foxy Flower, we are committed to ensuring transparency in our practices and advocating for integrity within the industry. If you have any questions about a recent CBD purchase, we can help uncover the truth and show you why ours is the most reliable on the market to date.

“We walk the walk.”

We stand by our products, hence the 30-day money-back guarantee.
It’s simple, honest, and from the heart, just like our oil.