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WE BELIEVE embedded in our human DNA, is the desire to make a difference. At Foxy Flower we know that believing and doing are two different things. So, we are rising to the challenge and taking action.

A portion of our sales revenue is going to Healthy Denver INC. and Supporting Struggling Artist of BFA Arts Department. Each touches a different fabric of the human experience. We encourage our guest, clients and customers to learn more about them, find one that resonates with you. We suggest you contact them directly to know how you can help.

What we do at Foxy Flower is so small in comparison to what we can all do united. Every act of kindness and willing generosity, no matter how small, will help heal our world. At Foxy Flower, we do this as one.

Struggling Artist
Finding Support

Inspired by Sheila’s own daughter, Danielle, The Foxy Flower intends to help those who pursue their artistic dreams in spite of insurmountable odds.

Despite the odds, hope is hard to kill. As a kid, Danielle decided that she would find a career in the arts, no matter what. She has since pursued a career as an actor and a singer-songwriter and strives to always do right by her passions.

We encourage you to nominate someone who you think needs some assistance, especially a young artist whose career launch was disrupted by COVID 19 and other force majeure. Every quarter, we will pick a qualified nominee to receive assistance.


If you personally want to help increase the amount of assistance, please order here and use this code ffdourdes10% at checkout to receive a 10% discount. A struggling artist appreciates your help…


The nominated candidate must be between ages 21 to 29


Submissions are for the graduates of BFA in the Arts


Has a Body of Work from at least 16 years of age and an Artistic Resume to may be provided by nominee.

Please Note:

You can also self-nominate if you meet the criteria. We would love to help as many individuals as possible. To nominate yourself or someone you personally know, please email [email protected] SUBJECT: NOMINATION. Email body to include Name and Contact Information of Nominee and the Reason for Nomination.