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The Story of Todd & Sheilah…

Owners of The Foxy Flower

Todd and Sheilah come from two different worlds: he is a native Coloradan, and she was born and raised in the Philippines. Their shared passion for wine brought them together, and their love for life and adventure kept them moving forward. Both have extensive experience in wine importation and distribution and are certified in wine and spirits education. They recognize that the quality of the wine begins with the terroir – the complete environment where the grape variety is grown, including factors such as soil, topography, and climate, much like Hemp.

Todd and Sheilah were amazed by hemp’s potential to profoundly influence the trajectory of the earth’s ecosystem and the tremendous benefits of hemp oils, especially for women. They saw the correlation of how the oils meld into holistic practices and natural remedies that women often seek. Their expertise in wine and spirits education allowed them to appreciate and understand the unique offerings of the West Elks in the North Fork Valley in Colorado, a beautiful offering of nature and one of only two designated AVAs in the state.

Their introduction to DJ and Kate seemed serendipitous. Todd and Sheilah knew that women would appreciate the product efficacy and the natural approach that DJ and Kate brought to the table. As they admire DJ and Kate’s passion for the plant and their careful formulation process to ensure honesty in its quality, it was only a matter of time before a synergistic collaboration was born.

The dynamic Synergy expelled the historic knowledge of Spagyric CBD. And from that moment on, The Foxy Flower was born.As the Owners of The Foxy Flower and Partners of our dear friends, DJ and Kate, we invite you to experience the production of science and nature, binding as one powerful entity. The Foxy Flower has become the home of many women seeking a world outside of Western medicine with our honest promise that we are here to provide and educate on all products we carry.

Welcome to the freedom of The Foxy Flower.